Urbanworld ’19 Red Carpet: ‘The Apollo’, ‘All Rise’ & More

Thursday night was night 2 of the 2019 Urbanworld Film Festival, and in addition to the cast and crew of The Apollo and All Rise, a number of cast and crew from several short films also showed up to walk the red carpet. Check out all the photos below, and also see the talent from the opening night if you missed it!

Roger Ross Williams & Lisa Cortes

Roger Ross Williams (The Apollo; director) & Lisa Cortes (The Apollo; producer)

Tonya Lewis Lee

Tonya Lewis Lee (All Rise; producer)

Nikki Silver

Nikki Silver (All Rise; producer)

Salamishah Tillet

Salamishah Tillet – Urbanworld moderator for All Rise Q&A

Anthony Mandler

Anthony Mandler (All Rise; director)

Tim Blake Nelson - All Rise

Tim Blake Nelson (All Rise; Mr. Sawicki)

Kelvin Harrison Jr

Kelvin Harrison Jr. (All Rise; Steve Harmon)

Paul Ben-Victor, Kelvin, Anthony, and Brad Feinstein

Paul Ben-Victor (All Rise; ADA Petrocelli) w/ Kelvin Harrison Jr., Anthony, Brad Feinstein (All Rise; producer)

Paul, Nikki, Kelvin, Tonya, Anthony, Brad, and Tim

Paul, Nikki, Kelvin, Tonya, Anthony, Brad, and Tim

Paul Ben-Victor


Brad Feinstein


MoAna Luv & Jimmy Jean-Louis

Jimmy Jean-Louis (DESRANCES; actor) & MoAna Luu (Essence Magazine)

Javier Molina

Javier Molina (Wonder; director)

Gabriel Furman, Eva Minemar, Javier Molina

Gabriel Furman (Wonder; writer/producer/actor), Eva Minemar (Wonder; producer), Javier

Wonder cast

The cast of Wonder

Adva Richman

Adva Richman (Something to Live For; writer/director)

L. Maxwell McKissick

L. Maxwell McKissick (Black Title Here; producer)

Sev DeMy

Sev DeMy (Black Title Here; writer/director/producer)

Rufus Burns

Rufus Burns (Black Title Here; lead actor)

Raed Alsemari

Raed Alsemari (Dunya’s Day; director)

Sydnee April Symone & Aisha Ford

Sydnee April Symone (Be A Fish; actress) & Aisha Ford (Be A Fish; writer/director)

Ahmed Barbary & Djaka Souare

Ahmed Barbary (Jazz in Wakanda; producer) & Djaka Souare (Jazz in Wakanda; director)

Darius D. Dawson (A Rodeo Film; writer/director)