‘Joker’ Trailer: Joaquin Phoenix As Gotham’s Killer Clown

Joker teaser trailer still - Arthur forcing a smile

We’ve been curious about Todd Phillips’ Joker since the minute it was announced that Joaquin Phoenix would star as the titular character.

Being the Joker is always a tough task, but if there’s anyone who is capable of donning the greasepaint makeup, it’s Phoenix, arguably one of the greatest actors – if not the greatest with Daniel-Day Lewis in retirement – working today. The teaser trailer has just dropped today and it’s safe to say it’s taken the internet by storm.

Phillips’ take on The Joker starts when he was just a man named Arthur Fleck (Phoenix), an aspiring stand-up comedian in 1981 Gotham City who takes care of his ailing mother, Penny (Frances Conroy), on top of odd jobs here and there. The world has beaten him down, and Fleck appears to lose his faith in the world and his sanity, beginning the descent toward villainhood that we know all too well today.

Based on this first teaser trailer, this is a darker and grittier version of Gotham’s greatest villain that we are totally buying into for Phoenix’s performance if nothing else. We are excited to see what he brings to the role and what Phillips, a director who is best known for comedy (The Hangover, War Dogs, Old School) brings to this world. We’re not exactly sure how this film will fit into the DCEU or if it’s just a one-off that is treated separately. That’s a mess for Warner Bros to figure out. But based on this trailer, we are eager to see how Joker unfolds when it arrives in the theaters on October 4.

Enjoy the trailer below.