‘Lucy In The Sky’ Teaser Trailer: Natalie Portman In Space

Lucy in the Sky teaser trailer still - close-up on Natalie Portman's eyes

After much delay, author and Fargo & Legion creator Noah Hawley makes his feature directorial debut with Lucy in the Sky (formerly titled Pale Blue Dot), and there’s finally a teaser trailer.

Lucy In The Sky sees Natalie Portman play astronaut Lucy Cola dealing with the aftermath of returning from space and an affair with fellow astronaut Mark Goodwin (Jon Hamm). Directed by Noah Hawley and based on a script written by Brian C. Brown and Elliot DiGuiseppi with revisions by Hawley, the story is loosely based on the real world affair between NASA astronauts Lisa Nowak and William Oefelein. You might recognize the story of her now-infamous cross-country drive.

The first teaser trailer is here and looks visually stunning, making use of a tighter aspect ratio when Lucy returns to Earth, representing the claustrophobia she feels following her affair, having to return to her husband Drew (Beauty and the Beast & The Ticket‘s Dan Stevens). While we usually see films about the struggle of being in space, Lucy In The Sky seems to look at the effects of returning from space and those who suffer from PTSD after their journey outside of Earth’s orbit – even if that’s been debunked.

There’s no doubt that Natalie Portman may be cast into the early Best Actress race, especially considering you can never count out Fox Searchlight come awards season. The rest of the cast is rounded out by Deadpool 2‘s Zazie Beetz, Nick Offerman, Instant Family & One Mississippi‘s Tig Notaro, and Ellen Burstyn.

Fox Searchlight Pictures will release Lucy In The Sky in theaters later this year. Enjoy the trailer below.