Jordan Peele ‘Us’ Trailer Drops

Us 2018 one-sheet teaser poster

Family time is important on Christmas Day, which makes it the perfect time to drop the trailer for Jordan Peele’s new horror film Us.

What is supposed to be a summertime escape in the sunny world of Northern California at Adelaide’s (Lupita Nyong’o) old childhood beach house turns into a real-life nightmare for her and her family (Winston Duke, Shahadi Wright Joseph, and Evan Alex).

Us still - a bloodied Lupita Nyong'o

Joined by their friends (played by Elizabeth Moss & Tim Heidecker), this is supposed to be a fun time away from the real world. But based on this first trailer, this is anything but that. One night, they see a cast of shadowy figures at the end of their driveway who aren’t dropping by for your typical housewarming. Instead, they creepily force themselves into the house seemingly altering all of their lives forever.

Us still - a bloodied Lupita Nyong'o versus a masked assailant

This seems like another mind-bender from Peele, who seems to have turned the creepy horror factor dial up even more intensely than 2017’s Get Out (with what seems like a great score to boot), which some pretty chilling images and atmosphere found in this terrific first trailer. We are eager to see how it all unfolds when Us is released into theaters come March 22 (previously March 15 but pushed back a week according to The Wrap) via Universal Pictures.

Enjoy the trailer below.