Alfonso Cuarón’s ‘ROMA’ Is New York Film Festival Centerpiece

Roma New York Film Festival press still

With the 56th New York Film Festival on the horizon, we are excited to see what the festival has in store for us this year. Today, that first bit of information finally came with the announcement of Alfonso Cuarón’s Roma as the festival’s Centerpiece selection.

Shot in black and white, Roma is an autobiographically inspired film for Cuarón, set in Mexico City in the early 1970’s where we are placed within the physical and emotional terrain of a middle-class family whose center is quietly and unassumingly held by its beloved live-in nanny and housekeeper (Yalitza Aparicio).

Here’s how the festival puts it: “the real star of ROMA is the world itself, fully present and vibrantly alive, from sudden life-changing events to the slightest shifts in mood and atmosphere. Cuarón tells us an epic story of everyday life while also gently sweeping us into a vast cinematic experience, in which time and space breathe and majestically unfold. Shot in breathtaking black and white and featuring a sound design that represents something new in the medium, ROMA is a truly visionary work.”

Roma will premiere at Alice Tully Hall on Friday, October 5 and was produced by Esperanto Filmoj and Participant Media. It will be launched by Netflix on both its streaming service and distributed theatrically around the world.