First ‘IT’ Clip Debuts At MTV Movie & TV Awards

IT - Losers Club exploring the dilapidated house

It seems like we got our first look at IT yesterday, and we already have a teaser clip, thanks to the MTV Movie & TV Awards.

Much like the original miniseries (and the first trailer), this first clip asks audiences to be afraid of floating red balloons. Take a look for yourself!

Apart from the “scary balloon” factor, this clip (more of a highlight reel) gives a little more background into the Losers Club, their perspective on life, and Derry … until getting to the floating balloon in the sewer tunnel and the realization that something wicked this way comes – in the form of a red balloon. And not the French short film.

Scary balloons aside, I’m still eager to see how Andrés Muschietti handles the source material, how the young cast fits into their characters’ shoes (especially Finn Wolfhard, who’s bringing his Stranger Things experience with him), and how willing fans are to accept another Stephen King adaptation.

IT slinks into theaters on September 8th and will be preceded a month prior by another Stephen King adaptation – The Dark Tower.