Final ‘Wonder Woman’ Trailer Debuts At MTV Movie & TV Awards

Wonder Woman still - Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) and Princess Diana (Gal Gadot)

Believe it or not, but Wonder Woman is mere weeks from release, so what better way to celebrate than with the release of the final theatrical trailer to kick off the last round of advertising?

Princess Diana of Themyscira – Gal Gadot herself – teased she’d be bringing a “wonderful” surprise with her to the MTV Movie & TV Awards on Twitter on Saturday. Considering it’s a TV awards show, a clip would likely have been expected.

Instead of a clip, as you can well guess, we got a 2-and-a-half minute final theatrical trailer that is mostly familiar. Why do we say that? Take a look and see for yourself.

Underscored by Imagine Dragons’ “Warriors”, this final Wonder Woman trailer provides another glimpse or two into Diana’s island upbringing before selling the film based on action alone rather than banter – counter to several of the recent TV spots that highlight Diana and Steve Trevor’s (Chris Pine) banter. The additional island footage helps set the stage a little more by developing Diana’s relationship with her mother, Queen Hippolyta (Connie Nielsen), and showing her take her birthright – the shield, sword, and Lasso of Truth. As for the rest of the trailer, not much of the action is anything new. Diana’s training montage has already appeared in earlier trailers, as have her first steps onto the WWI battlefield, facing off against German soldiers, and going up against General Erich Ludendorff (Danny Huston). Yes, there are some additional shots here and there for context and a little more action, but that’s it.

Maybe it’s just me, but this trailer is whelming. Not underwhelming … just whelming. The music seems to borrow more from the Imagine Dragons song, the action leaves little breathing room, and the supporting cast is mostly glimpsed in passing (including Dr. Poison (Elena Anaya), Sir Patrick (David Thewlis), and Etta Candy (Lucy Davis)). Then again, it could be a case of saving most of the film for those waiting for opening weekend – including the reveal of Ares. Still, I’m eager to see how Patty Jenkins handles an action-heavy screenplay from Allan Heinberg’s screenplay.

Wonder Woman hits traditional and IMAX theaters on June 2nd.