Trailer: Christopher Nolan’s ‘Dunkirk’

Dunkirk still - on the beach

The summer movie season starts today, and many big budget films are looking to be the next critical and audience darling that wins the summer. Christopher Nolan‘s next directorial effort Dunkirk looks like it could be that film.

In the vein of Steven Spielberg’s Saving Private RyanChristopher Nolan looks to have crafted a gripping summer war drama. Dunkirk will showcase the harrowing 1940 rescue and evacuation mission of British troops that were suddenly cornered and surrounded by the Germans.

The first trailer had a very “Nolan” feel to it, with striking music and tons of great shots. This trailer focuses more on the human element of the story. It’s a perfect setup trailer. Telling us basically what the movie is about, but not focusing too much on the action or the characters. It achieves a pretty good balance of action shots along with dialogue from the understandably terrified protagonists. Nolan’s signature perspective changing shots are still there, and I’m excited to see how he weaves a historical war drama with his lens.

The trailer features well-known actors like Kenneth Branagh, Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy, Mark Rylance, and even Harry Styles. The tension and fear of the soldiers can be felt quite strongly here, and the cinematography looks beautiful as always. It will definitely be one to see in IMAX, given that Nolan filmed quite a bit of Dunkirk specifically with IMAX camerasIt seems like a nice change of pace for Nolan, after the wildly ambitious InterstellarLike all of Christopher Nolan’s films, I’ll be there opening day to see what operatic cinema experience he delivers this time.

Dunkirk comes to traditional and IMAX theaters on July 21st.