Trailer: ‘The Dark Tower’ Rises

The Dark Tower still - Jake (Tom Taylor) and Roland (Idris Elba) eating

After going through several production iterations, much like the upcoming adaptation of ITThe Dark Tower, an adaptation of Stephen King’s magnum opus The Dark Tower 7-novel series is finally making its way to theaters.

As a fan of Stephen King and the series, I’ve been eagerly anticipating all news related to The Dark Tower over the last few years, from who would play Roland, the gunslinger of the first novel and lead character, to who would direct to how the franchise would be structured. Now, thankfully, some of those questions have been answered: Idris Elba, Nikolaj Arcel (the writer-director of A Royal Affair and the writer of the original Girl with the Dragon Tattoo film), and several films with companion TV seasons in between, according to Akiva Goldsmith.

The Dark Tower follows Roland Deschain, the last gunslinger and the last of the House of Eld, on his mission to stop Walter Padick/the Man in Black (Matthew McConaughey) from tearing down the eponymous tower, a nexus connecting all worlds. Yes, I said all worlds. Roland and the Man in Black (better known as Randall Flagg or The Walkin’ Dude or Walter O’Dim within King lore) live in the post-apocalyptic Western-inspired Mid-World, while Jake Chambers (Tom Taylor), a teen from a more recognizable Manhattan with Shining-like premonitions, crosses between worlds to aid Roland. See hints of that below in the trailer.

For those familiar with the novels, you more than likely realize that The Dark Tower isn’t a straightforward adaptation of The Gunslinger. Instead, it pulls some plot elements from that and The Wastelands, the third novel. And based on talk online and the IMDB cast list, there may be flashbacks and hints of the cyclical nature of the series.

My expectations are buoyed by this first trailer, and I’m ready for more uncanny gunslinging, Western shoot-out battles, and world-jumping. And Dennis Haysbert as (most likely) Roland’s father, Steven.

The Dark Tower hits theaters on August 4th (pushed back from July 28th and February 17th) with a screenplay from Akiva Goldsmith, Jeff Pinker, Anders Thomas Jensen, and Arcel. The cast also includes Katheryn Winnick, Abbey Lee, Jackie Earle Haley, Nicholas Hamilton, Claudia Kim, Fran Kranz, Alex McGregor, and José Zúñiga, among others.