Trailer: The Survivalist Horror of ‘It Comes At Night’

It Comes At Night still - the families

When A24 dropped the teaser trailer for It Comes At Night two months ago, I didn’t know what to make of the slow burn creeping horror tone except that I knew I had to put it on my 2017 list of films to see. And now A24 has dropped a full trailer, which adds more plot to the mix. 

Krisha writer-director Trey Edward Shults looks at what happens when a small survivalist family (Joel Edgerton, Carmen Ejogo, and Kelvin Harrison Jr.) welcome another family (Christopher Abbot, Riley Keough) into their secluded abode in the perhaps distant aftermath of some apocalyptic disease. Paul (Edgerton) is trusting enough to let Will (Abbot), Keough (Kim), and a toddler in, reviewing the rules (daylight excursions, one lone red door is the main entry/exit point, it’s locked at night, and only Paul has the keys). What starts off as a potentially run-of-the-mill indie post-apocalyptic film quickly takes a darker turn. Everything seems fine … until paranoia about disease starts to take hold and someone opens the red door. Is it his restless teen Travis (Kelvin Harrison Jr.)? Is it Paul? Or is it something or someone else?

The quick cuts and tight violin cues ratchet up the tension in the back half of the trailer, and the natural lighting helps ground the film in the plausible. The tension and slow burn horror, as well as how the trailer is cut, calls to mind A24’s The Witch from last year. I, for one, am eager to see what’s to come from Shults and It Comes At Night.

A24 releases It Comes At Night on June 9th, moved up from an August 25th release date after a world premiere at the Overlook Film Festival over the weekend.