Trailer: ’10 Cloverfield Lane’


10 Cloverfield Lane tease

The trailer for Cloverfield took everyone by surprise back in 2007, so why not the same for 10 Cloverfield Lane?

Much like the release of the Cloverfield teaser in front of Michael Bay’s Transformers back in 2007, Paramount and Bad Robot’s teaser for 10 Cloverfield Lane in front of Michael Bay’s 13 Hours at screenings last night took everyone by surprise. Now, thankfully, the trailer has officially made its way online for those who aren’t interested in 13 Hours.

The thriller finds a woman (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) stuck in the underground bunker of a doomsday prepper (John Goodman) after being rescued from a car accident because the world outside has essentially gone to hell in a handbasket. So they cope with whatever rations he has saved up (marshmallow fluff sandwiches), board games (The Game of Life) and puzzles, and 1960s tunes on a jukebox (hello, Tommy James and the Shondells!), while she presumably plots her escape, regardless of what’s waiting above-ground. John Gallagher Jr.’s role is unknown at this time.

Initially reported by Slashfilm last night after spotting the trend on Twitter last night, 10 Cloverfield Lane appears to be a spiritual sequel to Cloverfield, perhaps set in the same universe/world but not relying on the found-footage trope from the first film. And much like Cloverfield, JJ Abrams is only producing. Instead, short film director Dan Trachtenberg is making his feature length debut off of a script from Josh Campbell and Matt Stuecken originally titled The Cellar with rewrites from Whiplash and La La Land writer and director Damien Chazelle. As much as I enjoyed Cloverfield when I first saw it, I’m hoping that 10 Cloverfield Lane and its mystery box surprise will exceed some expectations.

10 Cloverfield Lane poster

10 Cloverfield Lane hits theaters on March 11, in exactly 2 months.