‘Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice’ Trailer Sneak Peak

Batman v Superman- Dawn Of Justice

With a movie that has fans salivating as hard as the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice, you just accept the fact that sneak peak teasers of new trailers are a indeed a thing.

Tomorrow night. the brand new full-length trailer will premiere (Wednesday, December 2nd) on Jimmy Kimmel Live, who seems to be landing all the cool trailer scoops as of late.

This sneak peak teaser clip is only a mere 49 seconds long, but it makes good use of every damn one of them. It begins with Batman (Ben Affleck) waking up confused, tied up along with other prisoners. Superman (Henry Cavill) suddenly makes a dramatic entrance, landing from the skies above. He confidently walks towards Batman, down through a walkway with armed guards who bow down to him as he passes by them, like he’s a god. He approaches a terrified Batman (can you blame him?) and precedes to unmask him, giving the mask a look of disgust after it is torn from the face of a rather vulnerable Bruce Wayne.

This clip is effective as hell, and could have served as a teaser trailer in its own right. It does have a bit of a dream-like quality to it (but then again, most of director Zack Snyder’s work does), but obviously we can’t fully judge the clip until we see the rest of the footage that will come with the new trailer late tonight.

Enjoy the sneak peak below, and head back here tomorrow night to find the full trailer in all its glory.