News: ‘Star Wars’ Han Solo Spin-Off in the Works


Never doubt the odds. has announced that another spin-off of the Star Wars franchise is in the works…and it’s a big one. The film will be an origin story of Han Solo, the galaxy’s favorite smuggler and scoundrel.

What’s even more exciting is that Christopher Miller and Phil Lord, the duo behind The Lego Movie and Jump Street series, will be directing. Jon and Lawrence Kasdan, who are involved in The Force Awakens, Episode VIII, Episode IX, and Rogue One, are set to write the screenplay. (Lawrence Kasdan is no stranger to the Star Wars franchise, having written The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi.) This film will mark the third in the Star Wars “Anthology” canon films, among Rogue One and the still-untitled Boba Fett origin movie. No word on whether Harrison Ford will have any involvement in the project.


“I’m back, kid.”

While this is all entirely preliminary, we have high hopes. Han Solo is an absolutely legendary character, and it will be a challenging task to get it right…but I personally think Miller and Lord are the right guys to bring it to fruition. Han and Chewie provided much of the comic relief in the original Star Wars trilogy, and to see directors with such comedy experience in charge makes me think it has a fighting chance. Also, Han Solo is arguably one of, if not the deepest character in the original trilogy; out of the three main protagonists, his past seems to be the most intriguing to explore as it’s own narrative.

The film isn’t due until May 25th, 2018, so we’ll have plenty of time to speculate on casting choices. Who do you think would make the best young Han Solo?