News: Brad Bird Confirms ‘Incredibles 2’ is on the Way


Brad Bird, one of animation’s greatest stalwarts, has confirmed that his next project after Tomorrowland will be the sequel to his own The Incredibles. The news has been greeted warmly by fans, who have been eagerly awaiting some ten years.

Bird’s first film, The Iron Giant (1999), became a classic, showcasing brilliant animation and a story that transcended being a simple “children’s cartoon”. It caught the eye of John Lasseter at Pixar, who invited Bird to pitch his ideas at the studio. (The two had graduated from CalArts together, and both had worked on Disney’s The Fox and the Hound in 1981.) Thus, The Incredibles was born. The film would go on to be a critical and commercial success, grossing $600 million at the box office and earning an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature. He repeated this success again with Ratatouille¬†(2007), earning another Oscar.¬†In 2011, Bird made a surprise jump to live-action film with Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, and scored yet another critical and commercial win.


With his most recent project set to release soon, the stage is open. There are also rumors that Bird may helm one of the future Star Wars films, as he was originally approached to direct The Force Awakens (2015) but declined due to his commitment to Tomorrowland. It’s likely that we won’t see Incredibles 2 until 2017. With Pixar now firmly into the business of sequels, the future is looking bright.

Tomorrowland hits theaters next Friday, May 22nd.