News: Cult Classic ‘Cube’ Getting a Reboot



The Hollywood Reporter has reported that Lionsgate plans to release a reboot of the cult classic sci-fi/horror film, Cube (1997). Its strength resided in its limited budget, which influenced the entire concept of nearly identical cubic rooms and the overarching mystery of the situation. In fact, only one full cube was constructed for filming, “duplicated” with camera tricks and one adjacent partial cube for open door shots like the image below. It spawned a direct sequel, Cube 2: Hypercube (2002), and a prequel, Cube Zero (2004).


Without giving too much away, I would describe the general concept as “The Rubik’s Cube from Hell”, a proto-Cabin in the Woods. The agoraphobic, psychological stress made the tone incredibly tense. Before Saw filled our minds with gritty, grisly traps, Cube did it six years prior, and argueably better. Instead of just bombarding you with torturous gore, it relied more the dread and expectation of what was to come.

I personally hope they try to keep the spirit of the original and use a lot of practical effects. CGI has it’s place, but this is one film that flourishes off of minimalism.