Trailer: ‘Attack on Titan’

Humanity has been backed into a corner. Giant, mysterious beings appeared, devouring humans without discretion. With no ability to understand why and even less to defend themselves, the survivors built a ring system of walls spanning hundreds of miles. A century of relative peace passes by until one unassuming day, when a hand reaches over the wall and a massive titan rises above…

The first full length trailer for the live-action adaption of Attack on Titan has just been released. Though the feature film has been anticipated by many, others have been more wary.

If you are not familiar, Attack on Titan is a hit anime series, based on a hit manga serial. The order of those designations depends on where you are, but the anime has particularly enjoyed immense popularity here in the States, largely due to it’s debut on Netflix. Localization is a hot-button topic in these adaptations, and previous productions of other anime like Dragon Ball: Evolution (dare we speak that movie) have been accused of being “whitewashed” with Caucasian actors representing characters that are primarily Asian. However, Attack on Titan is a Japanese/Australian production, with Japanese actors, based on a Japanese series…whose characters are actually European in decent, save for one. I suppose it depends how much that matters to you, but I’m always more concerned with the ninety-nine other things in a movie that can go wrong.

There have been many rumors that an American film will be made, but if looking at Akira is any indicator, it may never see the light of day. I think this trailer left me with a better impression that I expected, but I’m not sure if the film will hit the titanic mark it needs to. I’d also like to take this moment to plug the series… even if anime “isn’t your thing”. Just try out the first episode, you may find something you like. As mentioned above, it’s available to stream instantly on Netflix.