News: Sony Developing a ’21 Jump Street’/’Men in Black’ Crossover, Female-Lead Spin-Off

Photo Apr 29, 11 18 21 PM

Yep, you heard that right. The Wrap has reported that Sony now officially plans to expand the Jump Street universe and include the world of Men in Black. The idea was originally exposed in the deluge of emails leaked from Sony Pictures a short time ago, though it was then seen as more of a postulation than anything else. Neal Mortiz, producer of the series, is on board as well as Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill. Our two favorite cops will be battling aliens this time around, hopefully joined joined by the likes of Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones, or Josh Brolin…as none of them are confirmed thus far.

This Jump Street entry will be a play on the current trend of “cinematic universes”, mostly found in today’s big superhero franchises, as 21 Jump Street was a parody of reboot films and 22 Jump Street of sequels. This self-awareness was a large factor in what made the films so successful and hilarious. I was just commenting the other day on how franchises are successfully being revitalized and repackaged, something of a new phenomenon after seemingly years of failure. This one may just be crazy enough to work, so I’m going to keep my expectations up.

With this announcement, Sony also confirmed that there is a female-lead Jump Street spin-off in production. After Bridesmaids really blew the doors off of much needed female-driven comedies in 2011, we’ve seen a string of hits based on that premise, including the likes of Pitch Perfect and the upcoming Ghostbusters reboots. I think it could really add a fresh humor to the franchise.

Who knows how they will manage to write the crossover script up, but I’m sure it will be ridiculous…and hopefully in a good way.