Community Cancelled By NBC


It breaks my heart to announce that Community has been cancelled by NBC. It’s not a surprising bit of news considering the show has never been a ratings hit, even though it has a cult following and usually receives heavy critical praise. It’s also surprising considering that NBC has renewed Hannibal, which has received critical praise as well, but had even lower ratings than Community did.

Community has seemingly been on the verge of cancelation for pretty much its entire run, so in a way its amazing that it even made it as far as it did with five season under its belt. The shows mantra of sorts has been six season and a movie, so the fact that it was only one year from its goal makes this untimely pill that much harder to swallow.

However, there may be a light waiting at the end of the tunnel. There is some hope (as well as faint rumblings) that Netflix, may come in to save the show, like they did with Arrested Development and The Killing. There’s also Hulu, or Amazon Prime to consider.

While the show’s 4th season was deemed a disappointment by most as it was entirely absent of the shows creator and brainchild Dan Harmon, the show regained its footing in the very satisfying fifth season. Although Chevy Chase and Donald Glover left the show, the return of John Oliver and the addition of Jonathan Banks complimented the remaining caste quite nicely.

This is indeed the darkest timeline, but I have hope that Netflix or someone else will revive the show for its sixth season, and then a Kickstarter will crowdfund the movie into production. Community fans are too devoted and passionate to let their show die.