New ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’ Trailer: Meet The Cast Of Characters

Grand Budapest Hotel Poster

I love me some Wes Anderson. Being one of my favorite directors, I’m naturally very exciting for his latest feature, The Grand Budapest Hotel.

We saw the first trailer a few months back, but today a new trailer has graced us with its presence. It’s a “Meet The Cast Of Characters” trailer, giving us a brief glimpse at each character in the movie. And there’s a lot of them, so it’s a lot to take in, but damn, does it get you even more pumped and excited to jump into this world.

The Grand Budapest Hotel tells the tale of a young lobby boy (Tony Revolori) who has begun working at the Grand Hudapest Hotel in Hungary during the 1920s. He works under the interesting M. Gustave (Ralph Fiennes). The cast is incredible, and the film takes place over different time periods with changing aspects rations to go along with each decade. Sounds fabulous, and very Wes.

The cast is just insane, starring: Ralph Fiennes, Tony Revolori, Saoirse Ronan, Edward Norton, Jude Law, Bill Murray, Lea Seydoux, Owen Wilson, Jason Schwartzman, Willem Dafoe, Tild Swinton, Adrien Brody, Jeff Goldblum, Harvey Keitel, F. Murray Abraham, Tom Wilkinson, Bob Balaban, Mathieu Amalric

The Grand Budapest Hotel comes out on March 7, 2014.