Watch Shia LaBeouf’s Short Film ‘’

Howard Cantour

Shia LaBeouf has been diving into the director’s seat as of late, directing a music video for Future Unlimited’s “Haunted Love” music video as well as a short film titled Maniac.

He returns with a new short film that he directed called It focuses on a tough film critic named Howard Cantour who comes to an internal struggle on what to do with his latest review. Cantour hated the film he just saw but he has a small internal struggle on what to do, since it comes from a director he once idolized.

Jim Gaffigan stars as Howard Cantour, and knocks it out of the park. LaBeouf’s direction is sharp and crisp, with some great shots and use of classical music. LaBeouf is someone who surely has something to say about the film critics and their impact on the industry, and he offers an interesting and wildly entertaining script and film that is quite relevant to us here at MMM, a place that reviews film quite regularly.

At only 12-minutes long, I wanted it to go on even longer. That’s the sign of some quality work.

It’s the short film of the week at, where you can read about LaBeouf’s midnset going into the film. Enjoy the film below.

Update: It looks like the film is currently password protected. Stay tuned. We’ll update you when it goes live again. (Film by Shia LaBeouf) from Short of the Week on Vimeo.