Trailer: ‘Prince Avalanche’


There’s nothing better than seeing actors take risks with roles that they wouldn’t normally take. This is a main draw in David Gordon Green’s new film, Prince Avalanche. It’s a return to indie for Green, as well as for Paul Rudd and Emile Hirsch who are two men who paint lines on a highway in Texas for a living. It did pretty well at Sundance, and the first trailer makes it look like a good watch as. You see a not so buddy-buddy relationship between Rudd and Hirsch, who are stuck working together. It looks like it will be funny, but also quite touching. It’s actually a remake of the 2011 Icelandic film, Either Way.

This seems like a fresh role for Rudd, which excites me quite a bit. The score is done by Explosions in the Sky and David Wingo which is more reason for excitement. Prince Avalanche comes out in theaters and on demand on August 9. Watch the trailer below.