[Teaser Trailer] The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug


I enjoyed The Hobbit a lot more than most people seemed to. I went into it just expecting to have a bit of fun, and I did. No it wasn’t perfect, but it’s just setting the table for the rest of the trilogy, especially film number two: The Desolation Of Smaug.

The Peter Jackson directed adventure of Bilbo Baggins, Gandalf, Thorin Oakenshield and the rest of the dwarves will continue with the dragon Smaug coming into play. The trailer shows us some of the epic scenes that will occur. We also see the return of Orlando Bloom as Legolas, as well as a character played by Evangeline Lilly, who we all know and love from Lost.

The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug comes out December 13. Catch the first teaser trailer below.